The Algorithm

Toulouse, France


  • Rémi Gallego - electronics, programming, guitar
  • Jean Perry - live drums

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THE ALGORITHM is a one-man-band created in France in 2009 by Rémi Gallego. Oscillating between electronic, ambient, mathcore and progressive metal, he released his first demo called « The Doppler Effect » in December 2009, then a second one called « CRITICAL.ERROR » in July 2010. They are both available in free download here :


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Typesort icon Rating Label Release date
Method_ Compilation
Self-released August 6, 2011
The Doppler Effect Demo
Self-released December 12, 2009
Critical​.​Error Demo
Self-released July 8, 2010
Polymorphic Code Full-length
Basick Records November 19, 2012
Octopus4 Full-length
Basick Records June 2, 2014
Brute Force Full-length
FiXT April 1, 2016
Tr0jans Single
Basick Records January 16, 2012


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this shit is straight dope as fuck.
if you are into electronic arpeggios over massive thrashy breakdowns with somewhat proggy riffs

and all his shit is downloadable for free at

sounds like genghis tron with after the burial with sky eats airplane w veil of maya.

Amen, this band is FOR YOU!

Excellent work. You and A.n.K.h.// do a great job of representing France!!!(A.n.K.h.// is strictly dark electro, he's like The Algorithm but slower and darker with no guitars)

once upon a time I dreamt of creating hybrid music with meshuggah power riffs, dub, electronics...

I never had enough talent, creativity, technique and time to do it (I'm a bit into electronic music production and live showing, did some industrial stuff also some times)

and then I discovered The Algorythm.

Can't wait for the forthcoming album, the 2 EP's are dope, awesome, fraking talentuous and inspired Wink

djentastic !


saw them in london at the basick gig at the barfly, and they/he were sick!

All the download links are broken.

if anyone has alternative links, feel free to replace them Smile

His latest offering Polymorphic Code, as well as most of his other stuff, can be found on his and his label's Soundcloud's:

ENJOY! Smile