Amogh Symphony

Mumbai, India / Seattle, WA


  • Vishal J. Singh - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synth, Arpegiotor, Midi Controller,Laptop, Mixing, Sampling
  • Jim Richman - Drums

Amogh Symphony was formed by Vishal J. Singh in 2004 during discussions with his father. The 'Ashwamedh' EP was released in the winter of 2005 in the UK under the now defunct Kollosal label and distributed in limited copies for reviews. Indian classical/jazz fusion combined with progressive death metal was a new sound among progressive metal lovers at a time when the Indian extreme metal scene was fully dominated by melodic death and old school death metal bands. Critics lauded it for its one-man musical army approach.

Vishal, born in April 1986, is a session guitarist / music composer / producer based in Mumbai, India. Vishal started his career as drummer and played for a couple of death metal bands. He is a multi-instrumentalist who has grown up under the shelter of musician parents.

'Abolishing the Obsolete System' was released in April 2009 . With a totally new sound in tech death / experimental metal which the critics named Hybrid Metal due to its extreme wide range of versatility parallel to the technical structures of the music. According to progressive metal critics, it's among the best progressive metal releases of the year 2009 . One of the most complicated and conceptual album made by one man in the history of progressive music and technical death metal.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Ratingsort icon Label Release date
Vectorscan Full-length
Self-released September 16, 2014
Abolishing the Obsolete System Full-length
Self-released April 2009
The Quantum Hack Code Full-length
Self-released December 25, 2010


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Future is here.

Vishal J. Singh - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synth, Arpegiotor, Midi Controller,Laptop, Mixing, Sampling, Dressing Up, Taking Socks On, Making Coffee During Recordings, occasionally Farting While Tracking Guitars etc...

Why so little fans? ;(

fuckin amazing! this is probably the most intense music I've heard on here yet.

Abolishing The Obsolete System has be re-released on Bandcamp. Included is The QUANTUM HACK CODE-DECODED. This is the complete TQHC without the narration.

This guy Vishal Singh, he if fucking awesome!
I really wish they start playing live.