Animals As Leaders


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Animals As Leaders Full-length
Prosthetic Records April 28, 2009
Wave Of Babies Single
Prosthetic Records June 22, 2010
Weightless Full-length
Prosthetic Records November 4, 2011
The Joy of Motion Full-length
Sumerian Records March 25, 2014
The Madness of Many Full-length
Sumerian Records November 11, 2016


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The madness of many is their best album so far! This band is legend! \m/

Best instrumental band I've heard!!! and CHON!!!!

Behold, one of the last true Djent bands. All the others have a 16 year old boy singing for them but these guys know how to keep the spotlight on the amazing new guitar tone and style that is Djent.

AAL & Vildhjarta are the only bands whose albums I pre order consistently. Hopefully if TesseracT keeps releasing instrumentals I will keep getting their stuff too.

Geez the labels finally found a way to get people like me to pay for their albums and they STILL fail to deliver!

Took me a while to get used to the whole instrumental band with no singer thing, but they are such talented musicians its hard not to like them.

F*UCK YEAH!!! I'M 2000th FAN!!! ^_^

My jaw dropped whenever I saw these guys at Summer Slaughter Tour. I will DEFIANTLY try and see them again real soon.

I bought the self titled debut from Amazon. Hard copy. Not a regret. Ever.
New album will be released in Spring via Sumerian records. (probably)

베스트 오브 베스트
최고의 젠트 앨범 !!!
토신 어바시 사랑해요~

Actually, the MOST complete band i've heard. Even if they are instrumental, Abasi knows how to blow up your mind, it can be as djenty as clean and melodic, it's a perfect fusion of a couple of genres, pretty well done dudes!

iTunes sir.

Fuck, I was hoping they had a link to download "Wave of Babies" since I can't find the damn song in good quality anywhere.

respect !!

One friend of mine told me once: Hey Sebastián have you ever listened to Animals As Leaders? and i said: What the fuck is that?
He told me about tosin (one of my favourite guitar players ) and i got home, opened youtube, searched animals as leaders, cafo.
I just felt in love, really i thought i was flying in some kind of perfect circle i don't know jajaja
I bought your last album, Weightless and it blowed my mind, i just couldn´t believe that grade of perfection!
My favourite band of all genres, all types of music, my biggest dream is ANIMALS AS LEADERS.
Big big big big huge support from colombia, i just hope to see you soon down here Laughing out loud

both albums are incredible, indeed! like this band a lot)

Best fucking band ever...Tosin is the best...weightless OMG...fuck yea

The new album is really different from the debut. I was a tiny dissapointed I must say. However, Tosin is an inspiration for all those youngs musicians out there and this band will ALWAYS be respected.

Just bought this album, really nice artwork, not too over the top or anything, it's like an underwater scene and there's like three more inside the slipcase. I really really really really wish Espera was a real song, it's so beautiful. Periphery has Racecar, Vildjharta has The Lone Reranger, Animals as Leaders should have a seven minute long track too, and Espera would've worked well like that!
Regardless, it's the only Djent band that sells instrumental cds anyway so I had to get it!

Personally i like the new album but i find the old stuff waaaaay better.Still,Tosin's guitar playing technique and creativity amazes me every single time i hear it!!

new album is amazing!!!

i hope that the new coming album will be a bit better of that drum sound! and please, no more program drums!
aal = Smile

i completely agree this music is unlike anything the world has seen before AAL forever!

Listening on a cd is one thing but seeing them live blew me away

This band is some kind of channeling from galaxies... so many styles in one project. best music to date! it is privilege to be live in time when this band exists... My favorite!
Tosin is already a history.

this is a god god god band... amazing creativity and style