Brighton, United Kingdom


  • Tom Searle- Guitar
  • Tim Hb- Guitar
  • Dan Searle- Drums
  • Ali Dean- Bass
  • Sam Carter- Vocals

Architects was first signed to In At The Deep End Records followed by United By Fate Records(UK) / Distort Inc (Canada). They are currently signed to Century Media records. Architects released their debut album Nightmares in May 2006. They have toured with the likes of SikTh, Beecher, Johnny Truant and The Chariot. They embarked on a UK headline tour with The Gorgeous as support, January 2007. This was the last tour with singer Matt Johnson who was replaced by Sam Carter for the new album which was recorded in March and April 2007 and released on the 25 June 2007.
They then appeared as main support on the series of ‘Death of the Weekday’ minifests headlined by SikTh. Architects are endorsed by ESP guitars and Peavey amps, Sabian Cymabls and Mapex Drums. They recently set out on tour as support for Bring Me The Horizon, playing with such bands as The Break In, Honour Among Thieves, Your Demise, The Chariot and others.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Nightmares Full-length
Distort Entertainment May 15, 2006
Ruin Full-length
Distort Entertainment June 25, 2007
Hollow Crown Full-length
Century Media Records January 26, 2009
The Here and Now Full-length
Century Media Records January 21, 2011
Daybreaker Full-length
Century Media Records May 28, 2012
Lost Forever // Lost Together Full-length
Epitaph Records March 10, 2014
All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us Full-length
Epitaph Records May 27, 2016


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Ah, back in the good old days. I miss that album, so good live.

Hmm, I don't like this.

What? So they're tired of playing post-hardcore now? I recall them saying it was what they always wanted. I'm skeptical Tongue

I asked Tom what the new material they are currently writing sounds like and he said it sounds like a better version of Hollow Crown


Like HC but way better.

I'm not mean. I'm helping you realise that your comment is out of place.

Sander, don't be mean.

First read this:
Then cry about it.

Then go listen to Early Grave.

Djent... no