San Fernando Valley, CA


  • Jordan ''Kirby'' Ibarra - Vocals
  • Hugo Vasquez - Guitar
  • Tyler Lozano - Guitar
  • Hugo Carreon - Bass
  • Mark Pacheco - Drums

A new band formally known as Condemned to Exile from San Fernando Valley CA. Is now ARISTEIA with that being said follow us as we realese our upcoming EP n bring u music for ur listening n moshing pleasure. We can only ask that u give us a listen and help us reach our full potential. We appreciate all the support we can get, so stick around cuz its going to get ugly!!!!


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Man, The Artistic Destroyer EP
unknown June 1, 2010
Era of the Omnipotent EP
unknown August 5, 2011
Demoralization of the Luminary Full-length
Rite of Passage Records December 31, 2013


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This band is fuckin legit, get Era of the Omnipotent, it will blow your skull off

Out of all the incredible music ive heard throughout my life including all of the greatest metal bands from tool to after the burial and C.O.C and everything in between i can confidently say that Aristeia is one of the greatest. EotO is an album that i havent gone 3 days without listening to since i discovered it. Generally ill hear a song and think its amazing and replay it over and over until its not that impressive 5 days later. Every SINGLE song made by these guys has not lost a SHRED of potency or awe factor no matter how many times they've been brutally replayed by me. Aristeia creates certain sounds that honestly give me a purpose and meaning in life and make me feel as if i am a higher form of intelligence just by merely listening to them.

This band should be on the TOP!! They will soon!!

Production needs some work. However, this is a sick band!

This Music Is fuckin sweet. Very Progressive with a Good Groove. The vocals will have 2 grow on me a little bit though.

wohoo Smile

just chekd out that new song!! i love the sounds!