Bucharest, Romania


  • Vlad Datcu - guitar
  • Liviu Maxim - drums
  • Andrei Bogdan - guitar
  • Alexei Nichforof - bass

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In september 2013, we decided to step out of the comfort zone which until that time had been death metal. Being big fans of instrumental music, spanning from Progressive Rock, such as The Aristocrates, to metal and the djent movement with bands such as Animals As Leaders, Chimp Spanner, Modern Day Babylon etc., we started rehearsing and founded Asemic, which then meant only one guitar and drums. We soon completed our formula with our bass and guitar players and have been composing and trying to make cool stuff in our under-developed progressive scene, in Romania. December 2014 saw our first 2 song demo, "Disclosure" and "Thought Parallax" and our first record was recorded during March 2015. It will be released in september, celebrating 2 years of existence. One song, "Solitary human being" has been released as a teaser for this album and we are already rehearsing songs for the upcoming material. All in all, we are 4 guys trying to make cool music.


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Title Type Rating Labelsort icon Release date
Demo Demo
Self-released December 8, 2014
Luminescentity Full-length
Self-released October 23, 2015


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