Astral Display

Moscow, Russia


  • Andrey Lugovskoy - Vocals
  • Andrey Borovik - Lead guitar, Songwriter
  • Pavel Minin - Guitar
  • Maxim Zyulin - Bass
  • Kirill Bonart - Drums

Moscow djent\progressive\math metal band that combines in works such elements as brutal intensity, compound, complex and mixed time signatures, extreme vocals and a mystical touch of melodism and deep clean voice.

It seeks to convey each listener our life philosophy, aimed at self-knowledge and self-cultivation rights.

The band was founded in early 2012 by its lead guitarist Andrey Borovik. He spent quite a long time in searches of worthy associates to realize his ideas into reality. After a long search, in May 2012, «Astral Display» acquired integrity. In July we presented to the audience our single «Standing on a precipice», gathered a lot of positive feedbacks, both in Russia and abroad.

In January 2013 guys have released our debut EP album «Prometheus», available for purchasing at BandCamp and iTunes, as well as for free download. It has already gathered a lot of positive responses. The group has been invited to Thallium Festival 2013 in Moscow and St. Petersburg and played shows with a such bands as Animals as Leaders, Vildhjarta, Uneven Structures. And have gone to tour «Waves in Space tour» to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

In May 2013 Astral Display presented their debut video on song Ignorance. And 7 May «Prometheus» has re-issued on Rogue Records America.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Prometheus EP
unknown January 10, 2013
Breath EP
Rogue Records America January 14, 2014
Prometheus (Instrumental Edition) Other
unknown September 19, 2014


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Aaaaand I just noticed that was already in the description... *facepalm*.

The EP was recorded and produced by Roman "Arsafes" Iskorotenskiy of Kartikeya & Above The Earth FYI Smile.

whoa! killer stuff. the production is really good on this! great ep

The song is awesome, the EP teaser sounds amazing. Less than a week until it comes out, I'm pretty sure it's going to be mindblowing.