Beheading Of A King

Montréal, Canada


  • Fred Beaulieu - Vocals
  • Pierre-Olivier Fortin - Guitar
  • Simon-Pierre Renaud - Drums
  • Benoit Coté - Bass

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Beheading Of A King, is a five piece band of very talented and passionate musicians. Playing and writing technical riffs is what describes the music, filled with breakdowns, and face crushing riffs. They won D-TOX band wars two years ago as well competing against 25 other bands, while ending in first place. Later on, signing with Outerloop Management, which will push the band to a new level writing, recording, and touring wise. They released their first self-titled EP (2009), and it is available for purchase on iTunes, and distributed by CdBaby. To share the world his ambitious music, the band have been seen sharing the stage with bands such as Misery Signals, Structures, A Plea For Purging, Fall in Archaea, and many others. Beheading Of A King will soon be releasing a new album entitled, Quasar (2011) Which had been recorded with recently deceased vocalist Mathieu Paquette, who shall remain in our hearts. The band faced a minor bump in the road this tragedy, but are ready to the music industry head on.

Ambitious, talented, and hardworking, they know what they want to do and will do, what ever it takes to take their place in the music industry. The main goal of Beheading Of A King is to make music that they themselves can enjoy, as well as their fans can enjoy and appreciate. Also placing in high rankings online for best metal bands in USA and Canada! Keep your eye open, they may be in your city soon!


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Beheading Of A King EP
Unsigned January 1, 2009
Quasar: Preserving Legacy EP
Unsigned July 7, 2011
Deathrone Full-length
Self-released September 30, 2014


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Just to point something out, Victim. Most of what you're saying, about Mtl, is true.
But Mat Laperle only featured in a DE song, 'Your Last Breath'. DE didn't use djent as much as BOAK does. And Matt P was vocals of DE and BOAK, for Quasar. (RIP). DE is over and BOAK's new vocalist is Fred. Mat L is now part of djent band 'Arise Horror', and he also was vocalist for BOAK-EP (I think)

In simpler terms:
Mat Laperle (Ft on Your Last Breath by DE, vocals on BOAK-EP, vocals for Arise Horror)
Matt P RIP (Disfigured Elegance, BOAK-Quasar)

Awesome fucking band live! The next big thing in Montreal! DJENT.

apparently their singer just died. RIP

haha i jsut checked that other band out bhoaf is way better dude

What the hell are you smoking victim?

This band and alot of Montreal deathcore is mainly the only deathcore worth listening to most of the time. The vocalist for this band though Mat Laperle is the best metal vocalist in metal in my opinion. His band Disfigured Elegance is even better how ever, DF is more djentier than BOAK.