Bhayanak Maut

Mumbai, India


  • Vinay Venkatesh - vocals
  • Sunneith Revankar – vocals
  • Venkatraman (Baba) – guitar
  • Aditya Nair - guitar
  • Vinit Barucha – bass guitar (former)
  • Rahul Hariharan - drums

Bhayanak Maut an Indian metal band from Mumbai. The band's name was inspired by a Ramsay Brothers’ Hindi horror movie, it translates to "Terrible Death". Their music is an eclectic mix of metal, death metal and hardcore.

Bhayanak Maut came together in November 2003. The band originally started out as a joke until they reached the finals at a competition in Chennai. Bhayanak Maut was formed and named by Jaison and Sriram who recruited several members including Sera Kattoua Aman, Ravi Balakrishnan, Baba and Rahul to join the band. Of the original band only Baba remains in BM. The band regularly has jam sessions at N.O.C. The Jam Studio in Mumbai.

Having been on the Indian rock scene for close to seven years, Bhayank Maut (or BM for short) as it is known as among its fans has played at college fests such as Oasis-BITS Pilani, RAIT Horizons, IIT Chennai – Saarang (Finalists), NLS Strawberry Fields Bangalore, HAPPENINGS 09-Goa College of Engineering, Farmagudi - Goa and Goa's Waves Festival. The band also had numerous gigs at venues like Cyclone, Pune. They played at the first gig at Razzberry Rhinoceros and second at SIES Sion college festival. However, the first gig with Vinay as the front man was JRO 2004 and they also came third at Blitzkrieg 2004 – the IIT Delhi competition. Another highlight in the band’s meteoric rise has been playing at GIR in 2007 in New Delhi alongside Norwegian band, Enslaved

(all info taken from their Facebook page and Wikipedia)


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Hell is all People Full-length
unknown July 2, 2004
Untitled Bhayanak Maut Album Full-length
Grey and Saurian Records August 4, 2009
Metastasis EP
Self-Released October 10, 2010
Man Full-length
unknown October 31, 2014


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Thanks a lot for this I haven´t found any of their music apart from the two songs they did for metal hammer magazine.

I found their untitled album just by poking around. You can probably find it if you search hard enough. Metastasis was alright but their untitled album is just fantastic. (With a little djent elements thrown in) If I can find the download link I will definetly post it.

Edit: If you prefer to go the old-school way, you can find the untitled album on itunes.

How can I get hold of this band's music?

Edit: I found a free download link for their EP Metastasis here: