Blue Sky Passenger

Ashland, Kentucky, US


  • Troy Burchett

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Progressive metal instrumental solo project created by Troy Burchett. Combining a variety of genres including jazz, acoustic, alternative, metal, djent, deathcore, and various others, Blue Sky Passenger seeks to appeal to the more common listener while still adhering to die hard fans. The smart blend of underground genres with more popular genres will pull listeners in with it's soaring guitar solos, catchy melodies, soothing acoustic passages, complex chords, and bone-crushing breakdowns.
Created in late 2012 after 15 song were brought to life in the summer of that year. These 15 songs are in the works to be pieced together to form the self-titled debut album, "Blue Sky Passenger". The album is set to be released in early 2013.

Gear used:
Schecter Tempest Custom
Fender Jazz Bass
Line 6 POD HD Pro
Toon Track EZdrummer
Cuckoo's Reaper DAW
Guitar Pro 5
MacBook Pro


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