Born of Osiris


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
The New Reign Full-length
Sumerian Records October 2, 2007
A Higher Place Full-length
Sumerian Records July 7, 2009
Follow The Signs Single
Sumerian Records February 1, 2011
The Discovery Full-length
Sumerian Records March 22, 2011
Tomorrow We Die Alive Full-length
Sumerian Records August 20, 2013
Soul Sphere Full-length
Sumerian Records October 23, 2015


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*Jason Richardson...

So much better with Justin Richardson. The Discovery is a great album, but TwDA and SS only goes to show you who was really the driving force behind that band making amazing music.


Hey all the people saying this band sucks, can FUCKING BOW DOWN!!!!

Amazing band, getting there t shirt soon.

wow, some like this band... and some don't. who knew? now we're gonna fight about it?

how about we all shut the fuck up and listen to some music

p.s. i love this band Smile

You're so far from the truth that I don't even know how to begin to correct you...

How is this band going towards a 'shitty scene band' exactly? If anything, the first album was the most scene-friendly with the constant breakdowns, as technical and seemingly improv as they were.. it was definitely the most excessible for scenesters. The band is moving into the progressive metal direction with each new release; so I fail to see your point.

not very "djent"
its very sad that this band goes slowly to a shitty scene band

Totally agreed.

Rumor is their new album has leaked already but its just the first song and the rest of the album is a series of noises, farts and shit

Kinda sucks that their new album is titled as is the best Cloudkicker album. :/