Maryland, USA


  • Misha Mansoor (guitars, bass, synth, programming)
  • Thomas Murphy (vocals on select tracks)

A mostly instrumental solo studio project of Misha Mansoor. Bulb is also a moniker of Misha's and is named after an old and now defunct band he was once a member of.

There are plans to one day take Bulb on tour as a 'convertable band', meaning that the only consistent members would be Misha and vocalist Thomas Murphy (who also plays bass in Periphery). The rest of the members would be location-dependant.


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Maybe SOME DAY we'll get some new Bulb...

never forget!




Listen to this guy on soundclick. one of the main reasons im on this website is Bulb. amazing! and from my home state too! Maryland Smile

i saw misha leave a comment on youtube and i instantly fanboy'd out

That SoundClick page is where it all started Smile I don't know if he still updates it though.

is this soundclick legit? like is it misha sanctioned? it looks to be but you never know for sure

you should make your own album mate Wink

Djesus in your heart!!!

http://soundcloud.com/iambulb is also good to have now!

I cant thank you enough for the soundclick link, i just went to town on bulb downloads. Ive looked forever to find these

back when mesh forum was up i was watching bulb saying some hilariuos shiza. i just bought periphery and i have it on repeat all the time. if it matters, hows timdog?

bulb was my introduction to djent and math metal. he was the braking point in my perception of music!


I hear a lot of people talking about this guys solo projects...where can u download his stuff...seems to be eluding me ever since