Bath, UK


  • Dan Carter
  • George Lever
  • Rob Needham
  • Liam Kavanagh
  • Jamie O'Rourke

Burials are a 5-pronged musical juggernaut hailing from Bath, combining a whole range of influences from the melodic brutality of Architects to the bleak ambience of Devil Sold His Soul, to name a couple.

Burials are looking to make an immediate impact on the UK metal and hardcore scene with the release of their debut, self-produced EP "Tired Arms", which is available for free download. The six-track beast, clocking in at just less than half an hour, will leave you pumped and wanting more.

Although relatively new to the live music scene, Burials have already impressed audiences with their tight set. Liam Kavanagh’s intense vocal display is captivating. Dan Carter’s virtuosic guitar playing is complimented brilliantly by the solid rhythmic playing of George Lever and Daryl Barrett-Cross on guitar and bass respectively, while Rob Needham ferociously hammers the drums at the back of the stage. Burials also like to make the most out of samples in their live set, with strings, sub-drops and jarring stutter-synths all adding to the vehemence of their live show.

Not content with the massive wave of re-hashed generic metal bands that are emerging, Burials are attempting something that isn’t seen often enough by complimenting heavy riffs with lots of melody and throwing ambient clean guitar passages alongside them. They may be new to the UK metal and hardcore scene, but Burials are an exciting prospect.

What People Have Said

“Sounds like sheer misery if misery was a good thing” – Myk Barber from symphonic metal legends Traces

"The band’s technical ability is prevalent throughout the record, and their ability to contrast technicality with large open soundscapes is impressive. 9/10" - Jon Sinfield (britishtechmetal.tumblr.com)

"The musicianship on ‘Tired Arms’ is spectacular in its execution; the songs are structured magnificently and run through so smoothly. 5/5" - Lewis Cawte (southsonic.co.uk)

“Lovely Stuff” – Shakin’ Stevens

Who we've played with

It Prevails, Heart In Hand, Traces, Nochaa, Polar, Ruins Of Earth, The Dead Lay Waiting, This Distance, Landscapes, The Cold Harbor, I Defy, This Concept, At The Helm, Shine, Before The Tides, Hope Remains Lost, Archaic Smile, Senturia.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Tired Arms EP
Self-released July 10, 2010
The Haunting EP
Self-released October 1, 2012
The View from Here Is Beautiful But the Air Is So Thin Full-length
Self-released September 30, 2015


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