Car Bomb

Long Island, New York, USA


  • Michael Dafferner - Vocals
  • Elliot Hoffman - Drums
  • Greg Kubacki - Guitars
  • Jon Modell - Bass

Car Bomb first came to be around the year 2000, when Greg Kubacki and Michael Dafferner of the band Neck shared a rehearsal space under a Rockville Center, New York butcher with Elliot Hoffman and Jon Modell of the band Spooge. Over time, the bands became great friends and frequently visited each other's practices. In 2002, Modell, unsatisfied with the music his band was making, recruited Kubacki and Dafferner to form what a side project called Car Bomb. In 2004, Car Bomb began recording. Their first full-length album Centralia was released on February 6, 2007 via Relapse Records.

The band's first full-length release was named after the doomed town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, which was abandoned during an underground mine fire. The track's lyrical content and titles cover various topics - Cielo Drive (also known as 'Bloodbath Orgy') was named after the road on which the infamous Manson Family residence was situated (10050 Cielo Drive), HN51 is the medical abbreviation for the then-recent outbreak strain of Bird Flu, while 'M^6' covers neglect of a mother. The band recently added a song "BraCKet" to their Myspace page, which was an out-take of Centralia.

Car Bomb showcased a number of new songs on their recent May 2009 tour with Gojira and The Chariot, viewable on YouTube.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Centralia Full-length
Relapse Records February 6, 2007
w^w^^w^w Full-length
Relapse Records September 25, 2012
Meta Full-length
Self-released October 28, 2016


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The bastard lovechild of Danza and Dillenger. LOVE these guys. Wish they had new material on the way.

Heavy band! Fans of Dillinger Escape Plan will love this!

criminally underrated