Allston Rock City, MA, USA


  • Joseph Spiller - Vocals, Guitar
  • Gerard Vachon - Guitar
  • P - Bass
  • Evan Sammons - Drums

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Caricature is an intoxicating culmination of beauty, savagery, introspection, groove, and grandeur. Spearheaded by Joseph Spiller [System Divide, Too Late The Hero, The Binary Code, Spiller/Suhy], Caricature has been bringing their high octane, emotional brand of progressive metal to the music world with the heart of lions and the bank accounts of peasants for years. Now joined by drummer Evan Sammons [Last Chance To Reason], the band is about to unleash their new album "The Fiction We've Become" in mid 2016. Stay tuned


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
The Birth By Sleep EP
Unsigned August 12, 2012
The Sound of One Man's World Collapsing Full-length
Unsigned July 30, 2013
Shadows Single
unknown June 23, 2015
Stampede EP
unknown April 15, 2016


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What happend with the March-Release? Was it delayed?

wait for the record in March, you might be pleasantly surprised

"fused together elements of Metal, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Ambient Music, downbeat, Latin, and even Country" - it`s all deathcore... stop being snobs and lying...