Mannheim, Germany


  • Dominik Kowalczyk - guitars, bass, drums, synths, vocals, everything

Caynug is a one man band from Germany.


Who are you?
I am Dominik Kowalczyk, born 14.03.1993 in south Germany, currently living in Mannheim.

When did you pick up your first instrument?
I picked up on guitar when I was 13. Back in the days I was jamming alot to disturbed, that was where everything kinda started for me. Afterwards I picked up on drums, bass, keyboard, vocals and beatboxing.

What do you like?
I like everything that's inspiring. I think there's alot to learn out there and alot of good stuff to pick up on. Creativity never ends with an open mind. Other than that, I like being a crazy fool - no boundaries. Musically I listen to everything ranging from choirs like Eric Whitacre to complicated as hell metal (Meshuggah anyone?)

What's your motivation?
Though to pinpoint... for me it's mostly about inspiration and the authenticity of expressional art, I love to inspire and evoke all kinds of feelings just through music. Nowadays it's also some sort of escape from what's out there... lots of noise out there that makes my kind absolutely crazy in no time.

What inspires the way you write music?
It's almost only thoughts and emotions. For me personally it's a great way to cope with negative feelings and thoughts. I try to catch those and songwrite around those. Stylistically my writing style is progressive and ambiental themed.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Imperfection Full-length
self-released December 27, 2013
Chemical Full-length
self-released February 8, 2014
Inner Dissonance Full-length
September 27, 2014
Miasma Full-length
Self-released December 29, 2016
I Wish I Still Knew You Single
Caynug August 18, 2017
Meet with Triumph and Disaster Single
Caynug December 8, 2017


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I do everything at home. Most of my sounds are created with my POD HD, all tones made over the years from scratch! (That's the way to go with modelling). Thank you!

Your 'Godflesque djent' music sounds amazingly well! Do you own a pro studio or use amp/drums plugins?

Thank you djentlewolf Smile!

Beautiful music.