Orlando, FLorida, USA


  • Guitar/Producer/Engineer/Songwriter - Nabeel "NTB" Tarin
  • Bass - Erik Peirce
  • Drums - Tyler Kruckmeyer
  • Vocals - Hunter Young

Ceruleus. A new up and coming Progressive Metal project out of Orlando, Florida. Created and lead by Nabeel "NTB" Tarin Hailing from Woodbridge, VA. Ceruleus originally started in Orlando as a result of the break up of Nabeel’s last Band “Ends in Blood”. The name “Ceruleus” is Latin for “Deep Sea” but also takes on a deeper meaning for the band since the break up was surrounded by so much drama & turmoil. Nabeel Tarin started Ceruleus around June of 2010. Still Dealing with line up changes, I asked Nabeel what he thought about music, he said this, “Music, is something that has to be felt in your soul to be understood, as for me I think anything melodic and heavy hitting does the trick!” Their upcoming EP “Trenches” has been in Pre-production for a little over a year! and are finally ready to put out their debut EP Dropping spring 2012! Ceruleus could possibly be one of the next big Progressive Metal bands out there! With their drive & heart to write music, Ceruleus is ready to set the next level in the music industry!


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Trenches EP
NTB Productions (self-released) April 20, 2012
ErrÄtus Full-length
unknown 2013


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Just found your music. Great stuff. Can't wait for the album to come out, really wanna have a version of Castaway in my music collection, badass song!

I know im sorry bro, we werent happy with how those set of recordings came out so we decided to hold it off again and do it right! we are almost done with the rerecorded stuff and i have to say im quite pleased with it! i released a track off the rerecorded version yesterday! go check it out homie! we will be posting a new release date soon! :]

Where is the EP? I can't find it on iTunes. : (