Chimp Spanner

Essex, United Kingdom


  • Paul Ortiz
  • Adam Swan: Live Bass
  • Jim Hughes: Live Guitar
  • Boris Le Gal: Live Drums

Chimp Spanner is a progressive metal project created by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, Paul Ortiz. His first home produced album Imperium Vorago (2004) won instant favour with fellow solo artists and listeners alike with its mixture of heavy riffs, catchy accessible melodies and dramatic use of dynamics and contrast. Despite the varied production styles and limited resources, it still served to show that the limitations normally associated with home recording could be overcome. You can get a big sound from a small space, on an even smaller budget!

Fast forward to the present, and the Chimp sound is bigger and denser; the idea more focused and consistent. The upcoming album (unnamed at this time) promises to bring more styles into play, reaching an even wider audience of metal fans and non metal fans alike. With an epic futuristic narrative at its core, it looks set to define a new style of cinematic progressive metal; part music, part soundscape. Performed, recorded, produced and mixed entirely by Paul, At The Dreams Edge encompasses many styles of progressive Rock and Metal, delivered on a movie-like soundscape with a tight and punchy modern production. Visualize an instrumental Dream Theater meets Toto, arranged by Vangelis and produced by Devin Townsend, with Frederik Thordendal on rhythm and Steve Vai on lead guitars. On the 6th of February 2012 a new masterpiece was released 'All Roads Lead Here'.

As an integral player in the international online prog / tech “djent” metal scene, Paul is regularly bouncing ideas with Misha Mansoor (Periphery) or jamming with the likes of Fellsilent and The Safety Fire. Beyond this, Paul composes in a number of other styles from film-score through to ambient and experimental electronic with an aim to write music for games, short/independent film and TV.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Imperium Vorago Full-length
unsigned January 17, 2005
At the Dream's Edge Full-length
unknown December 8, 2009
At The Dream's Edge (Re-issue) Full-length
Basick Records April 12, 2010
All Roads Lead Here EP
Basick Records February 6, 2012


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Simply epic. been a fan for a while. You are the driving force in my ears that pushes me during my workouts at planet fatness. Must... keep... pushing!

thank you !

said it before... I'll say it again.


Dear Paul, i speak for only myself in saying that you have changed my life in a very beautiful way. Your music and the band that plays it quite possibly will never be able to fathom how much you have effected my life, and god knows how many other countless souls who happen to stumble upon your message.
Never stop your supererogation in music. Smile

So Fucking great *_*

I love his work, its incredible, im really excited for the new EP. Laughing out loud Ide love to meet him, and see him live. Hes a huge influence and one reason i desire an 8-string so bad.

Saw At The Dream's Edge in HMV today!