Melbourne, Australia


  • Ted Furuhashi - Guitar
  • Ben Richter - Guitar and vocals
  • Drew Patton - Bass
  • Dave Hunter - Drums
  • Perry - (ex-vocals)

Circles are a 5 piece progressive metal act from Melbourne, Australia. An amalgamation of seasoned players all having a strong passion for music and pushing the boundaries of the conventional metal sound.

In 2010, Circles released the "Prelude" demo, which instantly caught the ears of fans worldwide. The song "The Frontline" had fans of the genre talking, with it's heavy grooves, melodic vocals and synth undertones, this was a refreshing break in the trend of progressive metal.

Circles hit the live scene immediately after the release of the demo, playing numerous shows and festivals in Melbourne. With these shows quickly gaining more fans and momentum for the band, Circles needed to get to work on new material which would eventually become the bands first official E.P "The Compass".

Only in their first year as a band, Circles have received critical acclaim from fans in Australia and abroad.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Infinitas Deluxe Edition Full-length
Basick Records October 13, 2014
Infinitas Full-length
Basick Records October 14, 2013
Eye Embedded Single
Basick Records November 14, 2011
The Compass EP
Basick Records May 16, 2011
Prelude Demo
Unsigned March 3, 2010


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This is a fantastic band, why didn't i hear about them before. Still not too late though.

The PRELUDE demo is now free to download


Also don't forget to head over to our myspace to hear some tunes off our upcoming E.P "The Compass"


The ep sounds pretty hot, i'm not opposed to good metal with good vocals. It says on myspace that "Compass" will be out 2010, but no specific date. With time closing in is this possible? If anyone knows i'm interested...

Hey Bryno,

It's looking like its late December early Jan at this stage.


Loving your music guys!

I simply love Circles! Shock)
Clean vocals+synths+djent=PROGRESSIVE ART Smile

I expect full-lenght album with 20 songs in 2011! Tongue

Fuck yeah dudes! Wink

Just an UPDATE: Circles is no longer at that link for Bandcamp. It goes to another bands website and they are definetly not djent.

Circles are absolute fucking GODS!!!!!! Keep up the fucking good work, Cannot wait for a full release. Fucking badarse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This band is one of my favorites, definitely. They're flawless, really. Smile

It's f*cking amazing band!

Awesome Aussie band, looking forward to the new album! They also have a new tee up on

When the hell is the new album being released!?! Darrrgh!

Compass was cool, can't wait to hear the full-length album

It's been out for a couple of months, check it out here: