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The Discovery Full-length
Self-released September 1, 2008
The Map Is Not The Territory EP
Self-released February 1, 2009
Portmanteau EP
Self-released August 1, 2009
]]][[[ EP
Self-released February 6, 2010
Beacons Full-length
Self-released September 16, 2010
A New Heavenly Body EP
Self-released November 11, 2010
Loop Full-length
Self-released November 17, 2011
Let Yourself Be Huge Full-length
Self-released November 17, 2011
Fade Full-length
Self-released August 2, 2012
Hello Single
Self-released January 15, 2013
Subsume Full-length
Self-released September 14, 2013
Live With Intronaut Live
Century Media Records November 24, 2014
Little Histories EP
Self-released December 1, 2014
Woum Full-length
Self-released October 28, 2015


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This might be the only Djent band that doesn't really play metal. I'm a big fan but I wouldn't consider this Djent at all, it's just not heavy enough. Some stuff is, but this is closer to Pelican than Periphery.

Just my opinion though, I don't consider it true Djent unless it's mostly heavy and the production values are amazing which is rare due to costs...

Beacons and Let Yourself Be Huge are such beautiful instrumental albums, I hope he continues with concept albums because those two tell amazing stories.

Releasing your albums for free is astounding, considering I would well pay money for them. I wish I could do the same, but I'm in desperate need of money to make yet more music. I'm flat out this year trying to raise 5 grand just so I can get a better computer and a new drum program. All the despair aside, you're an inspiration my good fellow. Top stuff.

Quote from the infotext of Discovery: "if you paid money for this you're a sucker"
If I had to choose a religion, I'd choose Sharp.

if ben sharp isnt the fuckin man, then no one is, or will ever be

He's BEST!!!)))

Bro I know that I like your work, which is free on your part shows the humility that characterizes your person, I really congratulate you and I struggle daily to my project someday reach your ears, good luck!

mod edit: don't put your posts entirely in bold please

This music = sex.

It all goes like this: I'm listening to one of his albums -> I want to listen to the second one -> 'ok... one more track'. And 40 minutes are lost Smile

I wish my 'home equipment' was like his.

The Master of djent, imo

Wow. I discovered this guy today, and his music blows my mind.

lol @ the list of fans. "tha chad" from charlies angels trololol

So...who dislikes this? Seriously? This is probably the best ''one-man band'' on this site.

Love the new stuff!!! Song #4 on Let yourself be huge (you and yours) is simply amazing!!!

This is the band that got me into djent (meshuggah and after the burial aside). Ben sharp is a fucking genius in every respect!

Fantastic, awesome, amazing... will be adding to my collection soon!

Amen to that

My absolute favourite on this whole site!