Cold Night For Alligators



  • Jack - Drums
  • Hjalte - Vox
  • Krelle - Guitar
  • Roar - Guitar

How would one describe a metalband without making it sound like another overused metal cliché?

Cold Night For Alligators is nor hardcore, true or the world’s meanest metalband.
It is merely four regular young guys, who wish to present a different musical experience to the listener.
An experience that should leave the listener with a memorable impression of what Cold Night For Alligators is.

The fact that the source of inspiration stretches from Between The Buried And Me” and Meshuggah” to “The Faceless” means that “Cold Night For Alligators” fills a gap in the growing Danish metal underground environment.
The love of a wide span of genres shines through in a musical universe which is mostly characterized by a technical style of playing with progressivity just below the surface.

There is nothing stereotype in the music, illustrated by producer Christian Bonde’s reaction “damn, what a weird groove” after listening to “Tempus Fugit” for the first time.

The members of the band have very different musical backgrounds which is also why the music is inspired by elements of the electrical music scene, dubstep, jazz and metal from this decade.
This chaotic picture of sound is perfectly summed up by the words of Morten Løsborg (tech. supporter, CB Studios): “It sounds like a lot of beats on the bass drum mixed together and then thrown out all over the place”.

The EP “Ulterior Motives” is the product of months of work, fun and frustrations in the studio. The joy of playing music, and the fact that the band is entering an exciting new chapter should be reflected throughout the music.
“Ulterior Motives” is mixed and mastered by Jeppe Anderson in Hansen Studios, and can be downloaded free of charge here on the site.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Ulterior Motives EP
Self-released September 10, 2010
Singular Patterns EP
Self-released September 16, 2012
Course Of Events Full-length
Prime Collective January 11, 2016


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I've been listening to the EP so much for the last few months, keep it up!