Combat Astronomy

Saint Paul (Minnesota), USA


  • James Huggett - guitar, bass, production, concept
  • + varying collaborations on each album

After the acclaimed release of Lunik on cult german noise/industrial label Adnoiseam in 2001, reclusive composer James Huggett, gathered his forces and returning to the isolation of the studio again to begin a much more ambitious piece of work: a modern day doom laden progressive epic that would represent everything he had strived and sacrificed for. Ending a five-year hiatus of playing guitar, his new songs began to form around a core of thick, gritty bass guitar and martial programmed acoustic drums.
A conversation with fellow British improvisational musician and composer Martin Archer sparked sparked a highly productive collaboration that led to the landmark Combat Astronomy album "The Dematerialised Passenger", released in 2005. This album has received wide ranging critical acclaim from influential titles including avant-garde periodical The Wire for its single minded and multi-dimensional modern progressive fusion of metal, free-jazz and ambient noise into a compelling and unique whole.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Dematerialised Passenger Full-length
Discus May 1, 2005
Dreams No Longer Hesitate Full-length
Zond October 1, 2008
Earth Divided By Zero Full-length
Zond May 31, 2010
Flak Planet Full-length
Zond April 1, 2011
Barricades EP
self-released July 2, 2011
Kundalini Apocalypse Full-length
unknown March 1, 2013


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This kind of music is REALLY hard to get into! Once you are in tho, there's no way to stop. I would recommend this to fans of good djazz and lovers of avant-garde metal!

very nice songs!

Holy shit! Thank you very much man, for adding James. Saw him live every chance I got back in '07-08.