The Contortionist

Indianapolis, Indiana, US


  • Michael Lessard - vocals
  • Joey Baca - drums
  • Robby Baca - guitar
  • Cameron Maynard - guitar
  • Jordan Eberhardt - bass
  • Eric Guenther - keyboards

Bottom heavy open chords that resonate strong enough to shake the core of the earth. Skyrocketing bursts of oscillating guitar leads layer an ominous and dark undercurrent of rhythm. While hardcore punk may be the sound that rules the day in The Contortionist hometown of Indianapolis, it is the band’s signature brand of forward thinking heavy metal that has made them stick out as hometown favorites. The band worked hard to amass a following beyond Indiana though consistent regional shows, coastal touring, and two self-released EPs. They clearly began to define their sound and grow as musicians on their EP titled "Apparition".
The songwriting and progression on "Apparition" smacks of a group of musicians who are locked deeply into a remarkable place of expression and creativity that is usually reserved for bands with multiple albums under their belt. While it is not uncommon lately for bands in the world of metal to experiment with melody and progression, many times these breaks from the brutal end up sounding forced, too contrived, or way too over the top in shred. What could have been an opportunity for the listener to settle into some depth, winds up missing the mark. When The Contortionist venture into the realm of ambiance it actually raises the level of the song above the crushing breakdowns and demands the listener stay put for the ride. More impressive than their ability to write and record such material, is how big it all plays live. The room seems to expand and fill with spacious tones just in time to be leveled with ferocity. The band is razor sharp while nailing every bit of nuance their ambitious songwriting offers. It is this ability to dole out their sounds in epic proportions through a live performance that piqued the interest of record label Good Fight Music. The band had already distinguished themselves to Good Fight with a penchant for creating a distinct style of heavy music that has plenty of room for the listener to breathe and settle into. So in early 2010, shortly after the staff had caught them live, a deal had become imminent.

With the label now in place, The Contortionist recently spent time in the studio with Unearth's own Ken Susi handling production duties. When asked what interested him about working with The Contortionist, Ken commented - "The Contortionist is not your typical run of the mill band. Lots of bands in this day in age are copycats or just plain old rip offs of other bands that are currently out now. This is truly an original band, from the overall look, sound and structure of the songs. I really feel this band has a bright future ahead of them!" The Contortionist brand new album, titled “Exoplanet”, is a progressive metal mammoth. What stands out about the song structures is the bursts of space and atmosphere underscored by intense sonic emotion and boldness. A welcomed subtlety to the evolution of the band’s sound from previous works is a sparse use of ominous sci-fi inspired clean vocals. For every bit of progression and aura the band offers up on Exoplanet, comes an equal and unforgiving onslaught of heaviness. Just when heavy metal had seemed to reach a ceiling on how punishing a sound could get, The Contortionist raised the bar even higher. Exoplanet will be out in stores on August 31, 2010.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Shapeshifter EP
Self-released 2008
Apparition EP
Self-released September 25, 2009
Exoplanet Full-length
Good Fight Music August 31, 2010
Intrinsic Full-length
eOne / Good Fight Music July 17, 2012
Language Full-length
eOne / Good Fight Music September 16, 2014
Exoplanet (Redux) Full-length
Good Fight Music January 22, 2016
Clairvoyant Full-length
eOne/Good Fight Music September 15, 2017


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Although The Contortionist isn't really djent, they have mesmerized me with their second album, Language, and I hope they continue to cultivate Progressive as they see fit.

Good on you, guys, good on you.

Language is so f'n good. Keep coming back to it over and over again...

Kudos, gents. We have a modern prog classic on our hands.

'Ask me anything' session with the band will begin on this Friday, 4PM EST September 12th at r/progmetal of reddit. -

Intrinsic really is harmed by its production tho. it's not that the production is "different," it's that it's straight up bad in so many areas. the songwriting is top notch and leagues above their older material (which i like a lot), but really difficult to appreciate fully because of that imo.

Fuckin awesome
Exoplanet album best of best ever

Just found this website and this guys are amazing! awesome stuff!

I've followed this band from the start and they have defiantly expanded there sound...I'm a fan of there old stuff with lots of heavy dropped open chords but this new album Intrinsic is so much more then just a heavy's a work of art, wish it was longer though.

Absolutely breathtaking. Saw them not too long ago and they performed incredibly well and were extremely nice after the show, complementing a few local bands and giving them advice. Such djentlmen.

This band is breathtaking in so many levels. Many people like to compare releases which I think is pointless in this case. Intrinsic and exoplanet are equally strange and beautiful. Probably my favourite release of the year along with the shocking skyharbor.

Intrinsic is absolutely outstanding. Extremely impressed
Many of the songs give me that warm feeling in my chest.
Keep it up Smile

Exoplanet was awesome, Intrinsic didn't really do much for me.
Shapeshifter EP still my favorite release.

My absolute favorite band <3. Long life to these guys!

what a great band this is!

WHERE THE FUCK IS THE NEW ALBUM?! I know odd time takes a while, but come on an EP or sumthin! Comment back if you actually know your exoplanet...

mod edit: your comment is no more important than anyone else's, so putting everything in bold is a tad out of place.

amazing band!! \m/

Ive got to see these guys live with suffokate and just saynn there amazing live Smile

One of my favorite bands, second best show I've been to ever.