San Diego, California, US


  • Ryan Devlin - vocals
  • Chris Dower - guitars
  • Ryan Borrell - guitars
  • Adrian Alperstein - bass
  • Clayton Pratt - drums

Corelia are a progressive metal band based out of San Diego, CA. The band was founded by guitarist Chris Dower and drummer Clayton Pratt. Bassist Adrian Alperstein was added to the lineup a few months after the band’s original formation, and in early 2010 the band completed their lineup with vocalist Ryan Devlin and guitarist Ryan Borrell. Throughout this process of finding band members, the band released several demos online which initiated the growth of their fanbase. In September of 2011, the band put out their debut release titled ‘Nostalgia’.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Nostalgia EP
Unsigned September 6, 2011
Nostalgia (Instrumentals and Extras) Other
unknown July 31, 2012


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Need an album update guys!!!!

Ready for this new album...

I can't wait to hear their album release.

One of my favorite albums of all time actually. Some of the riffs are so beautiful and memorable, its insane. Out of nowhere I'll just start humming bits even if I haven't listened to the album for awhile.

Really looking forward to whats next.

I've listened to the whole album and I have to admit that they are so and so!
The sound is confused and there is too much electro sounding parts thus losinng the meaning of real music to me!
Also the music doesn't propose something that I haven't heard before!
It's too mainstream but still promising!
It could evolve in the future!

Favorites. Looking forward to more. Soooo good. Fangirl forever. <3

I'll copy and paste the same comment I did on the new Interview.

Corelia is awesome, amazing, incredible, this album really sounds like nostalgia for me, deep feelings, memories and one amazing travel through the time. Red Sky Harbour is my favourite song, I can try say million of things to explain what I'm feel when I listen this music, because is a feeling... so deep, sounds like a dream... it's unexplainable. Corelia is really great, and these guys have my respect.

Awesome EP! I am definitely looking forward to your future releases!

The CD is pretty damn good!!!!!


its obvious you guys going to be one of the most succesful bands in the djent scene

One of my most anticipated releases, seriously these guys are great.

These guys are awesome! Can't wait for their EP


This is by far, the most impressive band out today !! I hope some labels take notice to them(if they haven't already)

EASILY one of the best bands on this site. Easily one of the best bands i've heard