Crossing the Rubicon

Kettering, Ohio, USA


  • Alejandro Licano - Guitar

In late 2012, Crossing the Rubicon released it's first L.P. as a admittedly insipid writing vouyage exploring over 8 years of previously unreleased material.

If "The Oneiroi" was any sort of monument for revelation and initiation, I think it serves to say that "Ascension" is the milestone in the path I'm now steering toward.

"For me, the beginning of Crossing the Rubicon was a time of branching out and finding a more unique and personal message in my music. I wanted the sonic sphere to speak from within me and not be dictated by too many influences."

Alejandro Licano is not your average home-studio do it yourself, progressive metal player of the last 6 years. There's a bit more depth to the years it has taken to achieve a stylus, a modus operandi. Like many progressive metal bands these days Crossing the Rubicon has become a reflection of the sound Alex has carried in this imagination all along.

Since the release of 2013's "The Oneiroi" and the remastered versions, remixes and 2014's single "Afterglows" things have definitively evolved in Camp Rubicon. Ascension, is set to release in 2015 with a promising hope of getting more reach.

"The future is all about reach how far away we can achieve being heard. It could be light years, or steps away but reach is the main goal", says Alejandro on being looked at through the watching glass. "People have to either work hard, or be extremely lucky to discover some new bands because the microscope has become a telescope in terms of discovery". The hope for the future of Crossing the Rubicon is that they gain more fans and grow and continue to exist. Exist.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
The Oneiroi Full-length
Time Machine Studios, L.L.C November 29, 2012
Time Machine Studios, L.L.C January 1, 2013
The Oneiroi The Director's Cut Full-length
Time Machine Studios, L.L.C March 27, 2013
Ascension EP
RetroGrade Records March 27, 2015
The Oneiroi the Renegade Version Full-length
Self-released 2016


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