Szczecin, Poland


  • Marcin "Hyeev" Galicki - Vocals
  • Tomasz "Archangel" Gabryel – guitar, production
  • Robert "Binar" Gregorczuk – synthesizer, keyboards
  • Jakub "KRN" Lasota – bass guitar, production, synthesizer
  • Michał "Alvaro" Waliszewski – guitar
  • Bartłomiej "Bart" Mieżyński - drums

Established partially in a steril genetics lab enovoirnment, partially in the heart of the most sluttish concrete jungle, hybrid kollektive of industrial beats and mechanized harmonies, precisely architectured to become extrapolation of your present nitemares.

Cruentus is one of the most innovative contemporary metal bands with music that can be described as a complex fusion of industrial, metal, math-core and progressive. Uploading hi-energy with intense technocratic atmosphere - an absolute mind-fucking killer.

The Band started to operate in the mid 1999 in Szczecin, Poland [WestPomerania]. Since then it has never stop evolving. - each year brings major development in context of musical style.

During the years the band was enthusiastically verified by the audience as a live performer giving over 50 concerts across Poland and Germany.

In summer 2010 the band released it's 2nd LP "Terminal Code". Lyrically Terminal Code is a concept concerning contemporary urban-reality. Stress and blind run for the needless and non-understandable perfection, algorithmisation of every aspect of our existence, feeling of overwhelming and omnipresent vacancy. Reflection of a world in which delving for true sense is passé. Terminal Code is a self-contemplation in foam of chemical stimulants, with pulsing metropolis in the background. A vision seen by the eyes of an entity which persevered last scrap of conscious judgment but will ultimately fall down, stroke by rapid emotional mutation….crossing the point of no return, falling into the vortex of decadence and madness. Musically Terminal Code is a mixture of cold-logic-harmonies, crushing electronic textures with machinelike riffing and poly-rhythmical beats plus random variable.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Event Horizon Full-length
22 Records July 20, 2003
Terminal Code Full-length
unsigned June 1, 2010


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great! can't wait for a new >Every Tomorrow<!

you're so fucking true "Monolith"
these guys r awesome!!


Am I the only one who thinks this band is fucking awesome? Terminal Code is such a violent album, I think they are redefining something in djent, more precisely in industrial. Such a shame that these guys are not receiving the success they deserve! Sad