Fairfield County, CT, USA


  • Jeff Brown - Drums
  • Patrizio Arpaia - Vocals
  • Mitch Lobuglio - Guitar
  • Tim Marzik - Guitar
  • Karl Kohler - Bass

One of the hardest hitting metal acts out of Connecticut, Currents brings together some of the most talented musicians from their area. Formerly known as We Came As Plague, in 2009 they reformed as Currents and added Patrizio Arpaia on vocals to bring the band full circle. The band is described as having ‘earth-shattering vocals, monstrous breakdowns and melodic riffs’ while encompassing that ‘Connecticut groove’. Currents is full of technicality, from striking the perfect balance of songs that make you head bang to beautifully crafted melodies that are infectious to say the least.

Through their music, Currents focuses on their message around life struggles and the overcoming of obstacles people encounter in their everyday lives. Though some of their lyrical content portrays a darker feel to the underlying message that is, to never let go and remember that whatever life throws at you, you are not alone.

Currents is a group of very positive individuals who strive to get their message out to the public and share their music. They released two singles titled, “King of Catastrophe” and “Anneliese”, which later lead to the release of their debut EP “Victimized” in January of 2013. Based on diehard passion for the music and a work ethic second to none, Currents is a hard working band whose ready for the road and has a solid platform to succeed.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Typesort icon Rating Label Release date
Victimized EP
unknown January 20, 2013
Life // Lost Full-length
Self-released February 1, 2015


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