Dark Era

Kvinesdal, Norway


  • Frank Aamodt

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Dark Era is a solo project from Kvinesdal Norway. Genre: Djent, Progressive metal. Founded by Frank Aamodt.

The plan was to record everything myself except the drums, Anders Haugland (drummer from Sheol Afterlife) joined the project. Called up Leo Moracchioli owner of Frog leap studios and made a reservation. We were booked in the end of july 2012.

Rehearsal started, and the chemistry and playing went well. Anders learned 7 songs fast and we rehearsed for about 5 days and was fit for fight. The studio time, recording etc went very well. We recordet the EP in 2 weekends July/august 2012 (7songs) 30min++ lenght. Leo is a great technician and highly recommended. frog leap studios felt like our second home, we had alot of fun making this EP Smile

Dark Era's EP title is "The Last light". The Point of this EP is to spread it around so i can find People to play with.not to sell or make profit.serious members. Give it to People with known contacts and record labels, and hope someone will get us up in the ranks, and gigs of course. hope you enjoy it. Stay Metal


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