Defect Noises


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Error Full-length
Self-released 2007
Audio Depressions Full-length
Self-Released January 1, 2010
Pure Sickness Full-length
Self-released April 15, 2011


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when does the next album comes out???

I want it I need it

and guys...

check his email a few post under this one, contact him, pay him, and enjoy his high quality self made mad math metal Laughing out loud

Please don't sollicit illegal download links on this site.

please give me a link for downloading his pure sickness

einer der besten deutschen!!

cd ordering:
I accept paypal Smile

Where can I purchase? I'm lovin' it! \o/

it is indeed his special bazooka button Wink

Marian told me a new album was on the way, get prepared for new material !!

Thanks for that great work!

He looks like he's saying '...and this button activates the bazooka..'

It's pretty badass that he plays a 10 string guitar, but it doesn't really impress me since I had the distinct pleasure of playing the 13 string guitar that my bassist's cousin customly built...that thing was a beast!

Yeah, I reviewed it a while back - I'll add it to the Database later when I get a spare moment at home.

It's intense!

Great stuff!

He also lives pretty close to me Shock

I just emailed him about purchasing the album.

If anybody knows more about his album 'Audio Depressions', feel free to add it to our database because I can't find anything about it.