Demons Come Out At Night

Lecce, Italy


  • Lorenzo Petrachi - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keys
  • Gianmarco Errico - Guitars

Demons Come Out At Night is an experimental project from the South Of Italy. They released their first ep during 2013 and their self-titled debut album on 03/01/15.

"If you expect "songs" in the most traditional way, well, this is not a band for you. Any notion regarding structures and genres have been ignored: we wrote each song exactly as we wanted to hear it, not to stick to the commonplace "do a metal song" or "this song is not catchy, make it more pop": As it is immediately obvious, the vocals are used exactly as keyboards: introduced when necessary because ​​they are not the main part of the songs.

You will find catchy tunes, heavy tunes, electric, acoustic, ambient, post-hardcore, metal, indie, black and death elements, often in the same track. No, dear friends, you can't apply the "not my genre" shit.

In addition, each electric song is a tribute to some philosophers: Djenista, for example. is inspired by the life and works of Giacomo Leopardi and is lyrically our musical "manifesto". Deicide is inspired by the works of Nietzsche, Observations On Es by Freud, About Pleasure by Epicurus and This Dream Place by Lynch and Descartes. Within this album there is us, our lives, our thoughts.

Why would anyone do this? Our band is located in the South of Italy, a location where it is difficult to become popular or make a living with music. So we do exactly what we want to do without impose ourselves limits! We hope to convey to you a different idea of ​​ music. "


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Demons Come Out At Night Full-length
Self-released April 1, 2015


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