Despite Exile

Udine, Italy


  • Jacopo Durisotti - Jei - Vocals
  • Giovanni Minozzi - Gio - Bass
  • Giacomo Santini - Sanchez - Guitar
  • CarloAndrea Ferraro - Carlos - Guitar
  • Aleksandar Veselinovic - Sasha -Drums

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Coming out of Udine, Italy, Despite Exile is seen as one of the most promising emerging acts in the Italian prog/deathcore scene : they're delivering a really interesting mix of ferocious deathmetal sections combined with djenty breakdowns and powerful guitar melodies.
In 2010 they released their critically-acclaimed debut EP "Scarlet Reverie", welcomed with a bunch of extremely good reviews on several webzines and sites around the net.

This gave the band the opportunity to start touring Italy and sharing the stage with local and international bands such as Heart In Hand, It Prevails, Hopes Die Last, Ready Set Fall, and many more.
During 2011 the band continued the intense live activity playing several shows around Italy and France and recorded a brand new EP coming on March 2012, introduced by the online premiere of a new track called "Oscillate" on and the release of a music video for "Perfection Neutralized" out via Blanktv on March, 19.

Now Despite Exile are going to promote the new EP around Italy and Europe as much as possible, while finishing the writing process of their first full lenght. Fans of Veil Of Maya, Elitist, All Shall Perish and Whitechapel will definitely fall in love with the mix of catchy melodies and relentless fury delivered by this band.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Scarlet Reverie EP
unsigned April 16, 2010
Re-Evolve EP
unknown May 15, 2012
Sentience Full-length
unknown November 26, 2013
Disperse EP
Lifeforce Records November 27, 2015


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