Disfigured Elegance

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


  • Mathieu Paquette-Vocalist
  • Patrice-Guitar
  • Pierre Luc-Guitar
  • Sebastien-Bass
  • Cedrik-Drums

We are Disfigured Elegance from Montreal, Qc. Today, finding a band that is not the same as the other ''Riff-Breakdown-Riff-Breakdown'' ones is really hard. Nevertheless, you can find some bands that will surprise you. One of these is D-E. Formed in the middle of 2009, the band is at its first step into the world of metalcore/hardcore/deathcore/anythingthatendswithcore. We are young. Really young. 15 to 17 to be exact. Anyways, we produced our first demo with Mat Laperle ( Arise Horror ) and we are proud of it. This is it.


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The Last Disease Full-length
Unsigned May 10, 2009


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But this band has the right as any to be on the database. Check their EP and tell me it's not 'djent'. Go ahead!

This sounds like djent to me. In fact, it was a big band in the Canadian scene at the time, maybe what started the Progressive scene rolling.

Well.....fuck, than when I went on their Myspace I guess all their information was wrong. Anyway if it's a big enough deal I wouldn't care if this band was taken down, they broke up anyway.

Victim...first of all this band is not djenty..
Disfigured elegance was math paquette(I had to correct you cause you think his name is mat laperle who is the producer) ex band before he join BOAK it is NOT a side project.

There is undeniable influence of Djent in this band, it may not be a full on Djent band, but how many of the bands on this site are direct Djent bands? Practically none, I only put this up because somebody posted Beheading Of A King on this site which is a bit djentier than this honestly and is that band's side project. I'm not sure how good the instrumentals are live but i've seen videos of the vocalist and he is my favorite vocalist in metal currently, next to Nociceptor's. I labeled it progressive because it's more progressive than most Deathcore, it's not as progressive as Veil Of Maya, Within The Ruins, Born Of Osiris etc. how ever.

Wow. I don't know what is the point to put this band on this legit website. Djent and this band should never be associated. And trust me, this band live is at their worst. And Im pretty sure that the band members don't have a damn clue of the meaning of progressive metal or djent in his own terms.

One of the best deathcore bands ever