Przeworsk, Poland


  • Rafał Biernacki - vocals, keyboards
  • Jakub Żytecki - guitar
  • Mike Malyan - drums
  • Bartosz Wilk - bass

In December 2007 Marcin Kicyk, Jakub Żytecki and Rafal Biernacki met to form a band called DISPERSE. Fascination with artrock, fusion, metal and jazz contributed to setting the project music of which would abstract from common musical patterns and advance listeners’ imagination. During the first half a year of its existence, the band makes four songs and in March Szymon Balicki, drums, joins the band. However, during that period Disperse plays only during rehearsals. By the end of June Szymon leaves the band due to indisposition and is replaced by Konrad Biczak (ex Artrosis, Sacriversum). At the beginning of July, the band records their debut demo album ‘Promo 2008’ in SPAART studio in Boguchwała; mix and mastering by Jacek Młodochowski. Disperse, at that time, occasionally plays small concerts. In January Przemek Nycz (drums) joins the band. Successful cooperation between musicians leads to deciding on the direction the band wants to take. Inspired by meditation, sounds of nature and bands like Cynic, ToTo, Portal, Aeon Spoke, Planet X, Devin Townsend and Allan Holdsworth, Disperse composes new material. In the meantime, together with Spiral, they play some concerts. At the end of July and the beginning of August, after reaching an agreement with Piotr ‘Mitloff’ Kozieradzki on him managing the band, Disperse records their debut album 'Journey Through the Hidden Gardens'. Urszula Wójcik (Spiral) was asked to lend her voice in two songs.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Journey Through the Hidden Gardens Full-length
ProgTeam April 5, 2010
Living Mirrors Full-length
Season Of Mist February 19, 2013
Foreword Full-length
Season Of Mist February 24, 2017


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Brilliant works from this Poland band! Creative,melodic,heavy and soulful. I can't stop to listen them.

Saw you guys on Euroblast '13! I was in awe ;D

Living Mirrors is amazing. Contrasting ambient and heaviness that fits perfectly, layered polyrhythms, sophisticated but infectious melodies, crazy amazing shred sections and more. Jakub's playing and writing is brilliant. Not even sure who I'd compare them to--maybe a heavy Dream Theater meets Animals as Leaders meets Periphery? It's more original than that suggests. Nevermind--just buy it and see.

Living Mirrors is such a master piece! Simply wow!


They can do some death metal, please????
No pueden hacer algo de death metal,porfavor????

Awesome work guys :] Come to my town. It's Cracov by the way.

No chłopaki, chłopaki, aż miło w uchu. Tak trzymać! ;]

Jakub, thank you. Your music is a gift to our minds.

Please get in touch with us! Thanks Wink

Can't get a hold of the CD anywhere in the UK!

yeah, I don't really dig the album they have out much. But I'm hoping Unbroken Shiver is representative for what's to come Smile

Hmmm... Their album isn't quite my kind of thing (but Circle's Complete is amazing). However the band seems to have a lot of potential and the two new tracks on MySpace are much more to my liking. Unbroken Shiver is absolutely outstanding (and also the only djenty track in their repertoire I could find).