Divine Temptation

Innsbruck, Austria


  • Christoph Bammer (guitar/backing vox)
  • Stefan Graf (guitar)
  • Johannes Leierer (bass)
  • Marco "Snake" Modl (vocals)
  • Patrick Schrittwieser (drums)

DIVINE TEMPTATION is an Austrian metal band, consisting of five ugly - and in parts morbidly obese - not-so-young men.
This paragon of virtue indulges in groove-laden modern metal with polyrhythms and hooklines stolen from the future.
Whilst every attempt is made by the protagonists to create somewhat worthwhile compositions, the band was repeatedly deprived of international success by yet-another run-of-the-mill band plagiarizing Meshuggah.
Against all odds, the band has recently managed to put out their second studio effort, aptly titled "Killer Suites", an amalgamut of sharp riffs, br00tal vokills and sexy drumming, where Death Metal, Prog and even Djent rear one's ugly head again. Not to mention those pop choruses which give you shivers down the spine, alopecia and erectile dysfunction.

So all in all, DIVINE TEMPTATION is probably the only band you e-v-e-r need to listen to and "Killer Suites" is probably the one-and-only album you really ever need to buy. No matter what fancy riff you hear from other bands, it was our idea in the first place, we were just too sluggish to put it out. Really.

We want you to download all of our music.
Not because we like you, but because we don't.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Typesort icon Rating Label Release date
Dracula... for all life is the blood Full-length
unsigned March 23, 2003
Sin Full-length
unsigned September 1, 2008
Killer Suites Full-length
self-released February 2, 2012


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