Dog Faced Gods

Stockholm, Sweden


  • Conny Jonsson (Guitars & Bass)
  • Peter Tuthill (Vocals)
  • Ricky Evensand (Drums)

Formed in 1997 by ex Ebony Tears members Johnny Wranning and Conny Jonsson, the idea was to combine extreme metal and hardcore with odd meter grooves. At the end of 1997 they found a drummer in Ricky Evensand, and a bassist in Peter Tuthill and started writing and rehearsing.

In May 1998 they entered Studio Underground to record their debut cd “Random Chaos Theory In Action” for GNW Records. An album that got great reviews all over the world and massive airplay on Swedish radio, but due to distribution problems nothing really happened and the band and the record company went separate ways.

In March 1999 Peter Tuthill left the band, and Dog Faced Gods welcomed a new bassplayer aboard, Peter Kahm, and recorded a demo. A demo that landed a new record deal, but only one week prior to the recording of the follow-up album, the company went bankrupt! The band continued to write music and rehearse.

After a while the guys decided to put the band on hold. Ricky went away to play with a couple of other bands, such as Chimaira and Soilwork. Conny was involved in various projects.

After their late 2005 tour with Century Media recording artist Brand New Sin, Dog Faced Gods saw a lineup change with new guitar player Aaron Brown, and bassist William Winburn. This foursome has an edgy, yet melodic sound with influences that range from memorable artists like Alice In Chains, Godsmack, Sevendust, and Metallica. Add in the bands own eclectic flavor of up-tempo rock and emotionally charged, down to earth ballads, and one soon realizes that there is no place Dog Faced Gods can‘t take their performance, whether electric or acoustic.

Their latest album “Spit In My Eye”, featuring the hit song “Meltdown”, officially dropped in mid 2008. The music video for “Meltdown”, directed by Gobi (known for his work with Nine Inch Nails and Tupac Shakur), shows a vision of just how much the world could change politically, socially, and physically and begs us to open our eyes and see the changes happening around us.

After coming home from touring with Tech N9ne in late 2007, the band decided to get to work on recording some new ideas. The band is looking for another opportunity to get back out on the road and tour. “We’ve learned a lot on the road, and it takes hard work, determination, and support from fans, family, and friends to keep you going when the nights get long and the road gets tough.” says drummer Paul Garcia when asked his thoughts on touring.

Dog Faced Gods has had recent write-ups and interviews in such magazines as the I.E. Weekly, including having their photo grace the cover in September of 2008. When commenting on the bands endeavors, guitarist Aaron Brown stated, “This should be an interesting year. We are, and have been working hard, and we all know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

DFG continues to perform new music from their latest release “Spit In My Eye”, as well as favorites from “Stoned Council”. The band plays a highly energetic and entertaining set usually ranging from 30 to 75 minutes.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Demo Demo
unsigned January 1, 1997
Random Chaos Theory In Action Full-length
Gothenburg NoiseWorks February 2, 1998
Stoned Council Full-length
Pyramid Records March 22, 2005
Spit In My Eye Full-length
SnailWorks January 28, 2008


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