Dr. Slaggleberry

London, UK


  • Chris P
  • Tim M
  • Dunc L

Concocted in a laboratory in the backstreets of London, math-charged instrumental outfit Dr.Slaggleberry were dragged kicking and screaming into the world in 2008. Since then they’ve carved their musically challenging sound into the skulls of all who've encountered them with the precision of a brain surgeon, showing off their mind-bending mastery of technical excellence and metal-jazz fusion.

An ever evolving and organic band, the three piece were originally three drummers with a passion for rhythm, beats and hard riffs. Two of the drummers turned guitarist and as their technique evolved, the music developed and the riffs became dirtier, heavier and more experimental.

Showcasing Dr Slaggleberry at the peak of their technical frenzied powers, their mini album “The Slagg Factory” is a grandiose spectacle of instrumental chaos from a band displaying an obscene ability to write tunes their peers would kill for. Dr Slaggleberry combine the quirkiness of Psyopus, the jazzy interludes of latter-day Cynic, the progressive qualities of Rush and King Crimson and the quantum mechanics of Meshuggah to create a forward-thinking sound that will grab you and refuse to let go.

With three releases under their belts - Dr Slaggleberry EP, Tuc into the Tar EP and The Slagg Factory the band are currently in the studio recording their first full length debut album which is set for release in 2011.


Detailed discography - Add release

Titlesort icon Type Rating Label Release date
Dr Slaggleberry EP
Crash Records July 7, 2008
Filth Infusion EP
unknown October 5, 2012
The Slagg Factory EP
Crash Records October 9, 2009
Tuc into the Tar Special Edition "LIVE" EP
Unknown December 14, 2010
Tuc into the tar! EP
Crash Records November 17, 2008


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