Drown In Entropy

Brighton, March, Dudley - United Kingdom


  • Ian Coulson - Vocals
  • Leigh Gray - Vocals
  • Matthew Parisi - Guitar
  • Chris Heales - Guitar
  • Joshua Hammond - Bass
  • Evan Carson - Drums

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The end of 2008 saw Matthew Parisi, Michael Muldoon, Leigh Gray and Josh Hammond form DROWN IN ENTROPY - a venture into syncopation and groove with monumental choruses. Over the next year they would search meticulously for a vocalist capable of matching the energy of the music until in the last few months of 2009, Ian Coulson stepped forward to combine engaging melodies and guttural screaming with the bludgeoning evolutionary riffs of the band.

Over the next nine months DROWN IN ENTROPY would gig extensively around Brighton before recording their début EP 'Wolves Under Whitened Skies', an effort which saw the band record, produce, and release themselves. Keeping all aspects of the release in-house allowed the band total creative control, resulting in an aggressive and voracious sound they can truly call their own.

Just before the release, new guitarist Chris Heales joined the band, bringing a fresh discipline and commitment to the project, allowing a greater degree of experimentation and technicality to be woven into that material of future releases. Around mid-2011, the arrival of Evan Carson on drums and Leigh & Ian becoming dual vocalists motivated the band to raise their game - both live & on record.

With an intensive rehearsal and touring schedule, the not-too-distant future is set to elevate DROWN IN ENTROPY to new unprecedented levels...


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Wolves Under Whitened Skies EP
Disordinance Records December 15, 2010


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