Depok, Indonesia


  • Yutsi
  • Fadil
  • Angga

Who are we?
Dunia is an Indonesian Progressive Metalcore band from Depok. Dunia was firstly began when Yutsi started a one man music project in the beginning of 2015. Then Yutsi scouted Fadil and Angga from a social media forum which then Fadil joined Dunia as a guitarist, and Angga as our audio engineer. Dunia’ first EP “Semesta Fana” will be released on spring 2015

When do we start?

Dunia was formed on January, 1st 2015

What music do we play?

Experimental, we don't really depend on a genre, but surely we play Metal

Current works

We are still working on our EP 'Semesta Fana' that will be launched in this spring. Our single from 'Semesta Fana' EP which is 'Ignition' will be featured or included on the 'Indonesian Djentlemen Compilation Album 2015'


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