Los Angeles, CA, US


  • Chris Balay - vocals
  • Julian Rodriguez - guitar
  • Mike Danase - bass
  • Ben Kazenoff - drums

Elistist formed in December 2010 when Rodriguez and original vocalist Jacob were trying to re-start their previous band Another Day In Vain and recruited Hall and original drummer Robert from another previous Rodriguez project The Fortune Teller as well as bassist Mike Danese. The group decided to create a whole new sound which Rodriguez says is “a balance in our music that will appease both musicians and non-musicians with smart songwriting and a main lyrical theme of having strength to keep pushing forward.” A progressive viewpoint as well as a progressive sound as it were. Based in Los Angeles Elitist shares camaraderie with such fellow neighboring artists as Volumes, Bermuda and Erra. The release of Caves to the internet last year ignited kids nationwide to take instrument in hand and try to play along and post instrument covers on youtube. Now armed with new vocalist Alex DeHeart and new drummer Andrew Slane, Elitist are set to explode into national prominence with the Earth EP.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Caves EP
Self-released July 20, 2010
Earth EP
Blkheart Group October 25, 2011
Reshape Reason Full-length
The Anti Campaign September 25, 2012
Between The Balance EP
Consumer Records July 30, 2013
Elitist Full-length
Equal Vision Records June 30, 2015


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Best tech/Prog Metalcore i've heard in a while!

Pretty addicted to the EP right now, especially Caves and Odeon

great stuff.The album would be killer

Hah I got a facebook request from you guys and I was like Eli who?Lolz. The Myspace stuff sounds shweeeeet when's the album getting here?

100 fans!