Allen, Texas, USA


  • Marco Zane Salinas - Guitar/Vocals/Composition
  • Eddie McGrath - Guitar
  • Austin Loughmiller - Vocals

Marco Salinas started writing the e.p. halfway through the summer of 2010. he found Eddie Mcgrath shortly after and they began writing together, with Marco's aggressive riffing style mixed with Eddie's more melodic tapping the two found the sound they were always looking for. they attempt to combine all the elements of the music they love to hear while still retaining their unique approach to progressive metal. in January, Austin Loughmiller joined the band as vocalist bringing the lyrics Marco had written to life.

We are working together to create the best music we can. we are making this music to not only have fun but to express ourselves in the best way we can. rest assured, our live performances will be full of energy and fuckin around and partyin and shootin the shit and chillin and FUCKIN YEAH!


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