Birmingham, Alabama


  • JT Cavey - Vocals
  • Jesse Cash - Guitar / Clean Vocals
  • Sean Price - Bass
  • Alex Ballew - Drums

ERRA is a five piece progressive metalcore band hailing from Birmingham, Alabama that formed in 2009. Their namesake comes from Akkadian mythology and represents mayhem (something that comes to mind when giving them a listen). The band, consisting of Garrison Lee, Jesse Cash, Alan Rigdon, Sean Price and Alex Ballew, solidified their technical sound after relentlessly practicing and writing. They take their influences from well respected groups like Misery Signals, Born of Osiris, As I Lay Dying and Saosin, and thrive on being creative and showcasing their talent through their intense live performances. Erra takes great pleasure in offering their refreshing sound in a sometimes stale and over-saturated market. It’s not about fashion or status; it’s about using raw talent and energy to create genuine songs that will give hope to the listener.

Their latest offering Augment was released on Tragic Hero Records and maintains their technical ability, while presenting songs with the potential to embrace a broader audience. The word “Augment” means to enhance or grow, which is what the band believes they have achieved on this album. “It’s a very appropriate title based on everything we are trying to accomplish and all the growth we have gone through since our last record,” says guitarist Jesse Cash. “Nothing is taken away or watered down, only improved upon, and if anything, we accentuated all the parts that people wanted to hear more of this time around.”

The band has toured extensively with The Plot In You, MyChildren, MyBride, Fit For a King and performed at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, which featured Anthrax, Hatebreed, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Suicidal Tendencies, etc. Erra doesn’t let success go to their heads though; their true idea of success hinges on bringing a product that has replay value for years to come.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Andromeda EP
Unsigned December 21, 2010
Impulse Full-length
Tragic Hero Records November 29, 2011
Augment Full-length
Tragic Hero Records October 29, 2013
Moments Of Clarity EP
Sumerian Records November 10, 2014
Drift Full-length
Sumerian Records April 8, 2016


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Brian Hood silently posted a new Erra track on his souncloud with only a few people noticing hahaha nice


normally i prefer the mix of cleans and screams, but not with erra... i just hoped they would ditch the cleans :/

Truly unique band. Very glad I found them!

In all the years I've listened to good music, I don't think I've ever come across a band with the most perfect blend of djenty-heaviness, melodic ambience, epic vocal and guitar melody, scream-sing vocals, rhythmic technicality, and fluid song structure (among other tasteful features) as Erra. These guys continue to baffle me. They deserve more praise than they actually get: Indeed if not arguably as much as the likes of Periphery.

you guys have talent beyond my comprehension. impulse blew me outta the water. it sickens me that your not at the top of the list. Without doubt some of the most technically and professionally constructed songs ive ever heard. Anyone who thinks they know metal or djent and doesn't know you bastards is straight ignorant

You guys are wicked sick! You should be at the top of the list with Periphery and Meshuggah

Really amazing. Much more talent than Elitist in my opinion.