Ever Forthright


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08 Demo Full-length
unsigned 2008
09 Demo Full-length
unsigned 2009
2010 Demo Full-length
unsigned 2010
Ever Forthright Full-length
Myriad Records December 13, 2011


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Did anyone hear their new song? It's a demo of their upcoming album, and I have to say it's freaking delicious! Here's the link to the song (sorry if I'm not allowed to post links, I'm new around here): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXXH9VvCn1M

I think you're mistaking compression for their guitar effects... And you should hear the instrumental version. Much more clear without the vocals.

No way, Spencer is an awesome singer, as well as songwriter!

your self-titled album deserves a better mastering, and we (fans) deserve a new full-length.
And Chris... yeah, pure perfection :]

guitars rule, bass rules, drums rule, vocals rule, production rules, art rules. solid fucking album.

It's a solid album no doubt about that. But am I the only one who thing that the sound of it is terrible? It's so fuckin compressed that it's almost impossible to hear anything (and I have original CD). Horrible sound kills it.

i guess with the new album he´s gonna make some people pee their pants.

"I always thought Chris' version of "Light" (when he sang in Periphery) was way better than Spencer's version. He's just an overall better singer."

My Thoughts man. But everybody is better than spencer Smile

Truly an awesome band and I'm proud to call myself a fan. I discovered them on youtube before I joined this site and fell in love with their sound. I told them that their music reminded of one of my biggest artistic influences: Final Fantasy VII. To which they replied that they were fans of the series and I like anyone into that game. To my absolute delight they, of their own interest followed my band FATHOM on soundcloud. A group I'm truly looking forward to what they create. Blow the music world away boys!

They're really bad/awesome guys. =)

I always thought Chris' version of "Light" (when he sang in Periphery) was way better than Spencer's version. He's just an overall better singer.

Need more bands like this!

Just heard the songs guys. Congrats. Dominate the world.

I've never heard anything like this.
Can I say that I'm in love?