Fail Emotions

Yaroslavl, Russia


  • Pavel Mayorov - Vox
  • Vlad Akimov - Extreme Vox
  • Evgenii "Jackson" Artemiev - Guitar
  • Egor "Sepial" Sosnovkin - Guitar
  • Artem Boronenkov - Bass
  • Roman Brizgunov - Drums
  • Ilya Fatal - DJ, Sequence, Wooble

Fail Emotions band was formed in spring 2008. Since that time extensive changes in staff and music style have been made. The currrent sound has been formed since beginning of 2009, by virtue of the drummer Roma (Tamagotchi) and guitarist and sampler Ilya (Fatal) who joined later. The first concert was in May, 24. Then the band started to record their debut EP «Side A». Soon after EP’s record Kirill (Kir) came to the band as bass player and Vlad (Akimoto) as screamer. Pasha (Kira) became the vocalist of the band instead of Anton (Bakey). Together they recorded and released single “Shades”. A some later the, second guitarist Ilya (Korney) joined the band and at the beginning of 2010 the band released their second single “Makes Bad”. At the end of 2010 the band uploaded their first free-download album “Transfornation” there were 8 absolutely new compositions besides three well-known and fans’-favorite tracks. In 2011 comes the single "We Are Legend". In 2012 the group released the EP "Speed of Light" in support of which has organized his first tour of central Russia. Then the band began recording their second full-length album, which is slated for release in 2013.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Transfornation Full-length
unsigned December 28, 2010
Speed of Light EP
unsigned April 26, 2012
Gravity Single
unknown September 1, 2013
Renaissence Full-length
unknown May 5, 2014


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I fucking love this band.

Speed of light EP is incredible.

Reborn is awesome.. dubstep/d'n'b/trance/metal all combined to perfection.

innovation at its best.

Another band I wouldn't have expected to be in this database. got-djent still never seizes to deliver surprises. Laughing out loud
Recommended. One of the very few decent Trancecore bands. And it seems they are still improving.