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I am a 17 years old (18 in a month, yay!) boy from Sweden and listen to a lot of the stuff around here . I had been thinking this whole year that i wanted to release an smaller album and i finally went through with it. It was going to get mastered but it never really happened. Anyway this is my Evola EP! If i succeed to please any of you in any way I'm pleased haha. Also, it kinda gets heavier towards the end so if you are into the heavier stuff make sure to check out "Zenit" atleast!

Sidenote: Almost all the songs contains ALOT of pianowork and I'm sorry if i offend any of you that actually play piano since I don't know shit about how to play piano (Everything is midi)

Production is 100% done by me

Gear used :
Pod Xt live
Ibanez rgt6exfx-bk with emg pickups ( at the time i recorded the album(now SD blackouts ))
SD 2.0


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Evola EP
Self-released August 12, 2012
Frost Full-length
unsigned September 1, 2013
Perceptual EP
self-released April 30, 2014


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Thank you! There is only one of me and, yes that was what I was going for Wink

Wow, the ambience and djent mixture is gorgeous. Very spacey, which is, what I am assuming, is what they were going for.

Thank you so much! I struggled to finish the thing but since i'm getting all this positive feedback it felt worth it! Laughing out loud

the ep is very good...production is very nice..good job dude