Bitburg, Germany


  • Evan Magor - vocals (former)
  • Jonathan Schnitzspan (Johnny) - guitars, bass, drum programming, sampling, mixing, mastering
  • Brian Wright - vocals (current)

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The first year of my life was all about eating, pooping and sleeping - the best year of my life so far Smile i started playing guitar at the tender age of 12 - started off on the acoustic, turned to electric after a couple of months and mainly played green day and blink 182. at some point i somehow got into bullet for my valentine - which i fondly dislike today - but still that was the time i learned most about creating riffs and learning different techniques for solos. that was also the time i started to record some of my own ideas. my first songs sucked big time but as i listened to more and more different bands - trivium, machine head, slipknot, killswitch engage, ... - my ideas and creativity developed over the past 8 years. it wasn´t until i got to know about Periphery and the wonder-world of djent just a year ago that i started to realize what mixing and mastering was all about. what you hear of me today is the result of a whole year of desperation to tickle out the best tone i can get from what i got.
enjoy my stuff - or not - your call.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Shadows Full-length
unknown January 1, 2009
Forgotten Memories Full-length
Self-released 2011
The Siege Full-length
unknown March 3, 2011
Triton Full-length
Self-released September 11, 2011
Sloan Full-length
self-released June 16, 2012
Sloan - mini vocal edition Compilation
unknown February 4, 2013
Chronicles Full-length
self-released July 24, 2013
Reflection Full-length
self-released August 19, 2014
Reflection (Instrumental) Full-length
self-released August 19, 2014
Inspiring Nightmare Full-length
Self-released October 19, 2015
Inspiring Nightmare (Instrumental) Full-length
unknown November 16, 2015


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Very EXTREME-like your new song 'Spiegel'. Great.

Hey dude, your tutorials on YouTube are really helpful. Checked out some of your work and the production quality is phenomenal. Awesome work man!

Just bought "Chronicles" and have just finished listening to it. I like it.

I think though, and I don't believe I am alone in this, but you should reconsider not releasing an instrumental version. The only reason I say this, is I've been listening to your stuff since you released Triton, and have been watching your tutorials on youtube.
I'd really just like to hear the music composition on it's own. I know you stated that you wouldn't release an instrumental, but if enough people wanted it, would you reconsider? I'd even pay for the album again separately for the instrumental Smile

Just got done watching your mixing/ mastering tutorials on Youtube. Thank you for your help!!!!

Great music! Keep it up! Smile

You're some sort of musical ''parent'' for me.Everything I've learnt about musical production is thanks to you Smile Huge respect!

Huge fan!

Great work Johnny! I like your stuff. Your tutorials are very very solid as well, thank you for those! Smile

Love your work man, and it amazes me even more that you're composing all of it by yourself
Keep up the great work

ForTiorI, your style is simply amazing!!!!!!! Please keep up the tutorials also. I'm so glad to see someone helping the independent musician. You rock!

i´m also administrating the facebook fanpage now. i will post updates there and you can contact me more directly by sending me messages:

Just 71 fans?

Man, you should be up there with the likes of Bulb and Keshav Dhar!

Hey johnny,
especially your mixing, mastering and your handling with virtual drum sound are awesome! Don't ever end up producing music! At this point i'd recommend you to listen to my stuff, but i nearly released nothing djenty music, because i've got problems with my guitar recording.

Greetings from Germany Smile

Hey Johnny! I got some questions to ask and I can't get my youtube messaging thing to work for some reason, do you reckon you could give me a reply at ? cheers. love your work btw!

I stumbled across Triton the other day and it blew me away! Some of the best instrumental djent stuff I've heard.

yeah, man, it truly is

I LOVE TRITON! Bloody brilliant Laughing out loud