Four Question Marks

Paris, France


  • Francis Passini - Vocals
  • Remy Cuveillier - Guitar
  • Julien Granger - Drums

FOUR QUESTION MARKS was born back in 2000 by founder members Julien Granger (drums) and Remy Cuveillier (guitars).
In 2001, they welcomed Yacine Mdarhri-Alaoui (bass) and Francis Passini (vocals), with whom they recorded their first two tracks for a split CD. Acclaimed by the press and public, the two tracks were described as "extremely original and innovative".

In 2002, FOUR QUESTION MARKS ; played many shows and began to work on new material for a full length.
After a few line-up changes, Francis became the band's bass player, and in February 2004, FOUR QUESTION MARKS entered the studios to record instrumental tracks while looking for a vocalist, that is when Sebastien L'Aiguille joined the band.
FOUR QUESTION MARKS signed with Several Bleeds Records for his first album "ALEPH" .Many shows followed the album release, including a European Tour with "Misery Index".

While working on the next album, FOUR QUESTION MARKS had to face another line-up change: Sébastien left the band in September 2005, and after many unsuccessful vocalist auditions, FOUR QUESTION MARKS decided to continue as a power trio, Francis became the main vocalist and Remy took on backing vocals.

In August 2006, the band entered the studio with Yacine Mdarhri-Alaoui (bass player on the 2001 split) to record the instrumental tracks of the new album, "TITAN".
By January 2007, the vocals were recorded and the mixing process began.
The mastering was left to Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer-Relapse) resulting in an overwhelming brick wall.
Guitars create dark harmonies and atmospheres. Vocals are more intense. Drums overcome the level reached on "Aleph"; to support a whole federative groove.

In March 2008 FOUR QUESTION MARKS signs to TRENDKILL RECORDINGS. TITAN unleashed, and FOUR QUESTION MARKS are heading to Canada for a 3 weeks tour.
On may 16th, FOUR QUESTION MARKS leaves Paris for a 40 days European Tour with TODAY IS THE DAY, JUCIFER and COMPLETE FAILURE.

In September 2008, FOUR QUESTION MARKS signs to DEBELLO RECORDINGS for northern America. TITAN will be released in the USA on March 19th 2009.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Aleph Full-length
Several Bleeds Records June 8, 2005
Titan Full-length
Trendkill Recordings May 2, 2008


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such a shame they broke up Sad(