Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects

Umeå, Sweden


  • Fredrik Thordendal
  • Morgan Ågren
  • Dirk Verbeuren

Fredrik Thordendal is the lead guitarist and a founding member of the swedish metal band Meshuggah.

Under the name Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects, Thordendal released his first and only solo album in 1997 titled “Sol Niger Within” with Ultimate Audio Entertainment. The album featured Tomas Haake (drummer of Meshuggah ) on “spoken vocals”, as well as Morgan Ågren on drumkit and Mats Öberg on keyboards, who both have played for “Mats and Morgan” and ” Frank Zappa “. The style of music is best described as very a very similar style to Meshuggah’s thrashy poly rhythmic Metal with Jazz elements and some obscure noise effects such as high pitched shrieks and screams.

The album was remixed and re-released by Ultimate Audio Entertainment and Relapse Records in 1999 under the title “Sol Niger Within version 3.33”. The re-release contains two bonus tracks but omits several parts of the original version, most noticeably, the church organs. The Bonus tracks include “Missing Time” and “Ooo Baby Baby”.


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Sol Niger Within Full-length
Ultimate Audio Entertainment, Relapse Records February 22, 1999


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Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects "Sol Niger Within" 2x12" LP to be released on vinyl for the first time through Husaria Records!

I hope Sol Niger Within will be re-released, when the new Fredrik's masterpiece will be released!

I have been a fan of Meshuggah for a few years now and have finally got myself a copy of Fredrik's Special Defects album (v3.33). I totally enjoy this from beginning to end, and the bonus tracks were a great addition.
Expected first to hear more of the likes of Meshuggah with probably some twists here and there with a bit a jazz, but was unsuspecting this. And pleasantly surprised... sections go into some avant-garde jazz style that I'm used to hearing from bands like Naked City and Painkiller. The robotic/demonic vocals meld with the guitars and beats nicely. And the best is the Jazz passages (smooth off-time structured improvisation), that is on this album.
Have read articles of talks where Fredrick may have the next one in the works. Makes me excited.

(For those of you that enjoy this style of Jazz/Death/Djent.. you should definitely check out Coprofago (can find on this site). Probably the most jazz-oriented djent/death band I have heard yet. There is a number of similarities here.)

When Fredrik has the time off his other band to work on it... Sol Niger is really unknown, even among the Meshuggah fanbase. If more people had picked up a copy 14 years ago it wouldn`t have been long before he could have released another album....

When the fuck is Sol Niger Within II coming out?!

You are right, dunno why I didn't notice this before. Please do not encourage people to illegally obtain copyrighted material, do not sollicit links to it, and especially, don't post any links to it. Doing so is disrespectful towards the artists and we run the risk of being shut down since we are held liable for all content on this website.

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No,no,no. Don`t point people to sources of pirated music. Especially Sol Niger Within. ಠ_ರೃ Buy yourself a copy and support the work. If this keeps up, Special Defects 2 will never come out. >: /
I don't know reason why I can't access their facebook, but I put this link. Sorry. =(

Released 1997 (Ultimate Audio Entertainment)
February 22, 1999 (Ultimate Audio Entertainment & Relapse Records)

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How do i get my hands on this?

I like this instrumental project more than Meshuggah, the instrumentals are more progressive and there aren't vocals that barely ever change. I like Meshuggah but this instrumental project has all the aspects of Meshuggah that I love without the negative aspects in my opinion.

Please at least post your comments in English.

Chronique de l'album de Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects (en français), sur le blog musical Modern Zeuhl, à cette adresse :

oh thank god, I really hated those church organs. I'm definately looking into this, and to see how it sounds now that Fredrik has 15 years more experience as a producer (given that he produced this re-mixed version as well, of course).