Friend For A Foe

Washington D.C., USA


  • Chris Purvis - Guitars, Production
  • Tony Marshall - Guitars
  • Wayne Courtright - Bass
  • Mike Lumer - Drums
  • Chris Barretto - Vocals

‘Feral, “axe-in-hand” brutality arm-wrestling a tumultuous rhythmic propulsion amidst a punch bowl of cascading euphony.’

Anyone can open a dictionary and rattle off a line of big word nonsense, but making a statement with those words, one that truly means something, that’s another matter entirely. DC’s Friend For A Foe aren’t concerned with flaunting their five-syllable vocabulary, leather-bound... book collection, or inherent ability to polyrhythm your ears off; they’re a musician’s band with the listener held dear to their hearts.

—And they’ll also make your puppy explode at the right volume.

Beginning as nothing more than a casual creative outlet for guitarist and founder Chris Purvis, Friend For A Foe blossomed over the years into a full-fledged project. With a roster comprised of the deft and deafening talents of Tony Marshall (guitars), Mike Lumer (drums), Wayne Courtright (bass), and the deadly vocals of Chris Barretto, Friend For A Foe craft innovative, emotionally staggering metal songs, with a clear emphasis on the ‘song.’ Where eight strings bludgeon and double kicks demolish, melodic nuance and rich harmony soothe.

You’ll still need crutches, but you’ll be back on your feet in no time! (We can only hope …)

In a scene filled with bands heavier than dinosaurs and more technical than remote control manuals, Friend for a Foe stands tall. Forget the thesaurus; one listen, and the message is clear.


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Source of Isolation EP
Unknown October 1, 2011


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And now he's not Sad far prefer these guys to Ever Forthright and Monuments, shame he's left.

fuck awsome band djent

Indeed he is good sir Laughing out loud We also just happen to be on the same label (Myriad Records) so it makes thing interesting to say the least!

So Chris Barretto is in both FFaF and Ever Forthright?