Galactic Pegasus

British Columbia, Canada


  • Johnny Ciardullo - Vocals
  • Andrew Baena - Guitar
  • Cooper Lagace - Guitar
  • Travis Regnier - Drums

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With a name like Galactic Pegasus, the first thing that comes to mind is likely closer to an early 2000’s post-hardcore over-the-top neon T-shirt design than the crushingly heavy and awe-inspiringly technical breed of metalcore crafted by this Canadian quintet. Hailing from the bitter cold depths of British Columbia, Galactic Pegasus assault the listener with a blend of ambient, atmospheric elements and dissonant, down-tuned destruction that sounds like a bastard child of Northlane and The Acacia Strain.

Ever since their first demo dropping in the early days of 2012, Galactic Pegasus have been combining furiously fretted leads with riffs sharp enough to crack diamond with brutalizing, bone-shattering and belligerently heavy breakdowns dense enough to crystallize carbon. This was confirmed on their summer 2012 Mirages EP, which shows the band further honing their terrifyingly technical approach to metalcore - an approach perfected on 2014’s Pariah, and 2016's full length offering, Phantom of The Hill. With a new record on the horizon & a work ethic as relentless as their music, Galactic Pegasus are bound to bring their unique blend of scintillating shred and sinister intensity to ears not just across the Great White North, but the entire globe.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Dysphoria EP
Self-released May 11, 2018
Phantom of the Hill Full-length
Famined Records November 18, 2016
Pariah EP
unsigned March 25, 2014
Mirages EP
unsigned September 25, 2012


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The EP is no longer free! Tried to download it but there is a minimum $1 charge.

They must have run out of bandcamp credits. If anyone has an alternative link, feel free to replace it Smile

Saw them a couple weeks ago. Their performance was even better than their sound!

Awesome! Thanks so much man, really glad you enjoyed our performance Smile

Best band name ever. It's super badass.