Ghost Iris

Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Jesper (Vocals)
  • Nicklas (Guitars)
  • Daniel (Guitars)
  • Sebastian (Drums)

GHOST IRIS is a product of many Danish bands, who all have put their stamp, on the Danish and European metal scene.

From bands like AS WE FIGHT, SHAPED LIKE SWANS, ROAD TO MANILA, A SHELTERING SKY, comes an aggressive, atmospheric, epic and hard-hitting quartet, who will surely rock the foundation of the metal scene.

Ghost Iris saw the light of day, when past projects dwindled into obscurity.
Their goal was one and the same: They wanted to create music, that was unique for the Danish metal scene and completely its own.
And now, Ghost Iris is here, with some extremely powerful material, which is ready to be launched upon the masses.

Ghost Iris recorded their current material, with renowned metal producer JEPPE ANDERSSON, who has worked with bands like: AMARANTHE, RAUNCHY, MEW, VOLBEAT, COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS and INVISIUS


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Typesort icon Rating Label Release date
Anecdotes Of Science & Soul Full-length
Prime Collective February 23, 2015


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One of the most powerful bands I've heard.
A production utterly unforgettable.
Thundering and massive lows, even more than
Periphery's Alpha & Omega.

Found these guys about a month ago and i absolutely love this music. These guys need more recognition, BIG TIME